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Prescription Information

If your doctor wishes you to have a repeat prescription you will be issued with a SystmOne computer generated tear off slip attached to your prescription with a medication review date and other messages. Please read the messages for your benefit.

Return your slips to the surgery either in person, online, by post or through a pharmacist at least two working days before you require the prescription. These can then be collected from the surgery during normal working hours.

If you lose the repeat prescription slip, you may fill out a prescription request form available at Reception.

All non-SystmOne request slips filled in by patients and pharmacists and hand written requests or changes on your computer repeat slip may take four working days or more to process, particularly when the medication review date has been reached.

The doctor may require you to attend for review to see a doctor, nurse or health care assistant, arrange blood tests, advise you to see a pharmacist or take some other action before prescribing for such requests.

Please make requests for simple over-the-counter medications such as paracetamol, antacids and diarrhoea medicines direct to Pharmacists/Chemists.

Do not book an appointment to see the doctor for repeat medication prescription review unless specifically asked to do so.

If the review date is approproaching please mark it on the SystmOne request slip to remind the Receptionist to pass it for the doctor's attention.

Repeat prescription requests can be made in the following ways:


Our practice has been enabled to recieve repeat prescriptions online (Click here). In order to make use of this facility, you must be registered as a patient with our practice. You can register with this practice/service by contacting us on: 0116 295 7835

In Person

You can bring or send in a SystmOne computer-generated printed request slip (available from the practice, which shows the medication you are taking)

Please allow two working days before collection of your prescription, to allow it to be checked and signed by your doctor.

By Post

You can post a SystmOne computer-generated repeat slip to us with a stamped self-addressed envelope so that we can post it back to you. But please allow seven days before expecting receipt of the completed prescription.

Allow more than seven days if you have changed or added requests to the slip, or if you have sent in a non-SystmOne request slip.

Through a Pharmacist

You can authorise a Pharmacist to handle your prescriptions for you but you must confirm this in writing on every occasion with the Pharmacist.

In addition, please check with the Pharmacist for any messages, review dates and blood tests requested by the doctor.

Repeat Dispensing

For those patients on long-term regular medication, patients can appoint a pharmacist to dispense regular monthly repeats. This system in not suitable for medications that require frequent review or change of dose.


Shefa Medical Practice

St. Peters Health Centre
Sparkenhoe Street
Tel:  0116 295 7835



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